Mixed Reactions To Proposed Residential Building On Crosby Road

Plans to build a residential building on Crosby Road in Albion have been met with mixed reactions from locals.

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Developer Arden Property Group is seeking to build an eight-storey residential building with 76 apartments, with a mix of one-, two-, and three-bedroom dwellings at 56-60 Crosby Road, Albion.

Designed by Altis Architecture, it features a rooftop recreation area with a pool and a sun deck. 

Crosby Road
Photo credit: Altis Architecture/BCC

There will be two levels of parking in the basement, which would provide 144 resident spaces and 20 dedicated visitor spaces for a total of 164 spaces.

In addition to car parking, the applicant has proposed for bicycle parking with 84 resident spaces and 20 visitor spaces. Vehicle access will be via Burdett Street.

Locals’ Concerns

Crosby Road
Aerial image of site(Photo credit: BCC)

During the public notification held from August to September 2022, a number of residents have provided their feedback regarding the proposal.

“Housing is in short supply in the area and this new apartment complex will improve the quality of the surrounding area by removing an old disused factory,” said one resident.

“The amount of car parking provided in the basements of this development appears to be significant and well above what Council require,” shared another unit owner within Burdett St.

Whilst there are residents who supported the application, many expressed their objections, citing the bulk and scale, loss of natural light, congestion to the already built-up street parking, and privacy impacts of the proposed residential building. 

“Currently we have two large residential complexes in the street and with the addition of another, I am concerned that this will increase congestion immensely, also creating potential queuing issues for residents,” one local wrote.

Photo credit: Altis Architecture/BCC

In response to the residents’ concerns, the developer said development results in an appropriate bulk and scale, with a highly articulated built form and substantial portion of the site reserved for deep planting.

With regard to privacy and amenity impacts concerns, the applicant claimed that the building was ‘carefully designed to avoid overlooking’ through strategic window and viewing portal placement, use of architectural screening, and significant deep planting buffers. 

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To learn more about the proposed development in Crosby Road, Albion, see Brisbane City Council’s PD Online with the reference A005998885.