Opal Health Care Unveils Plans for Ascot Grove Care Community

Plans have been unveiled for the construction of Ascot Grove Care Community a state-of-the-art, aged care facility in Brisbane’s Doomben precinct.

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Plans have been unveiled for the construction of the five-storey, aged care facility in the Doomben precinct. Lodged by Opal Health Care, one of Australia’s leading aged care providers, the proposal is part of an ambitious $1.5 billion master plan by the Brisbane Racing Club.

The 154-bed Ascot Grove Care Community will sit on a 4,600-sqm site at 52 Hampden Street in Ascot.

This project aims to solidify the BRC’s position as the premier destination for thoroughbred horse racing and training in Brisbane, whilst also unlocking the potential for diverse entertainment, commercial, and residential offerings in the area.

Ascot Grove Care Community has been masterfully designed in an ‘H’-shape, maximising efficiency and providing each room with a balcony for natural light, ventilation, and scenic views.

The upper floors consist of two wings, with 18 bedrooms in one wing and 15 bedrooms in the other, resulting in a total of 151 bedrooms and 154 beds. Each generously sized room includes a private ensuite, prioritising comfort and privacy for residents.

Opal Health Care Unveilsplans for $1.5BN Ascot Grove Care Community
Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council / developmenti.brisbane.qld.gov.au

Architectural Design and Features

The Ascot Grove Care Community will feature a bold and contemporary design, aligning with Opal Health Care’s vision for an upmarket facility. The H-shaped building will consist of two wings surrounding internal courtyards, creating private inner-garden sanctuaries.

The architectural plan includes featured framed balconies on the northern and southern facades, breaking down the bulk and scale of the structure while providing inviting outdoor spaces for residents and visitors.

 Opal Health Care Unveilsplans for $1.5BN Ascot Grove Care Community
Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council / developmenti.brisbane.qld.gov.au

Facilities and amenities

“The proposal responds to community and economic need for additional housing options for older persons in the locality and importantly will support the ability for residents within the locality to ‘age in place’ as their housing needs change.

Ageing in place enabled through the
co-location of the existing approved Retirement facility on the adjoining land 36 Hampden Street, which allows residents to transition to a higher level of care when required.” – Town Planning Alliance

The facility will offer a range of amenities to enhance residents’ quality of life. The ground floor will feature a central entry foyer and reception area, alongside ancillary facilities including a dining area and café.

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Moreover, recreational and health facilities, including a theatre, function room, terrace, consulting rooms, and wellness centre, will be available to residents. Internal communal open spaces will incorporate dining and lounge areas that open out to two outdoor terraces, totalling 320sq m. Additionally, each residential room above the ground level will have a private terrace.

Published 18-May-2023