Initial Works Underway for New Park in Ascot

Initial works on Ascot’s new park development are now underway as part of the Council’s commitment to keeping Brisbane clean and green. The new district park is located between Lancaster Road, Kitchener Road, and McGill Avenue.

The park is part of the Racecourse Precinct Neighbourhood Plan, developed between 2009 to 2011. Under the plan, the former Brisbane Racing Club (BRC) members’ car park at the corner of Lancaster and Kitchener Roads will be converted back to public parkland.

Draft of the new park’s concept plan. Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

The historic suburb of Ascot has been home to a diverse community that is constantly growing. This project aims to create an attractive park that can be enjoyed by the community and celebrate the history of the suburb.

Draft of the new park’s playground concept plan. Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

The park will increase accessible green space in the area and will also have a new fenced playground for children to enjoy.

The Council is now finalising the plans after a productive community consultation held in May 2018. The final design for the park will be available in late 2018 and all the feedback from the community will be included.

Construction of the park will take place in 2019, including the decompaction and regeneration of the soil, followed by park embellishment works.

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