BrisAsia Festival 2018 Presents Free Karate and Self Defence For All in Ascot

Chinese New Year is one of those occasions for Brisbane to celebrate the influence of Asian culture. As always, the celebration will be marked by about 80 different events across the city. There will be Asian dancing, theatre, music, food, film, and visual arts.

In Ascot, Australian Goju Kai Karate will be conducting a free session of basic karate and self defence for everyone on the 10th of February.

Credit: Australian Goju Kai Karate YouTube

Karate has a rich Asian history that dates back from Gichin Funakoshi, the founder of Shotukan Karate who brought the practice on the main islands of Japan in the early 20th century.

Through the years, karate has evolved to become a form of discipline and self defence. Australian Goju Kai Karate offers classes that teach self defence skills that can be easily applied in real life situations.

For its free session in Ascot, Australian Goju Kai Karate will teach specific karate movements with aerobics benefits. The session will show everyone that karate can also be a form of exercise that can tone muscles, improve balance and coordination, and enhance cardiovascular strength.

Credit: Australian Goju Kai Karate YouTube

The free karate and self defence session for all is to be conducted at Oriel Park, 14 Alexandra Road. Bookings are essential to reserve spot, please click here.

BrisAsia Festival 2018 is now in its sixth year. The festival will start on the 10th of February until 4th of March 2018. To know  more about festival activities, please click here.