Ballistic Beer Takes Over Taps at The Stables Craft Bar & Kitchen in Ascot

The Stables Craft Bar & Kitchen at 1/121 Racecourse Road, Ascot will serve beer from known Salisbury brewer, the Ballistic Beer Co, on the 16th of January from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. The event promises a night of good beer and good times to jumpstart 2018 with just the right note.

Ballistic Beer meet the Brewer/Tap takeover
Credit: The Stables Craft Bar & Kitchen Facebook

Ascot’s The Stables Craft Bar & Kitchen has thought about serving Ballistic Beer over their taps on that particular night to give the local neighbourhood a taste of the topnotch Queensland’s brewery. The people behind Ballistic Beer will also be talking about their passion for crafting their own beer instead of serving up commercially produced ones. At the end of the night, The Stables Craft Bar & Kitchen hopes that everyone will develop a taste for locally brewed Australian beer.

Credit: Ballistic Beer Facebook

Ballistic Beer is the brainchild of David Kitchen and a friend who formerly played in a Hong Kong Rugby team with him. The two friends have built a shiny new brewery in an old WW2 shed on the outskirts of Brisbane. In two years’ time, David found himself alone in managing the place and realised the need of hiring someone who really knew about beer brewing. This is when he has come to know Lachy Crothers, a passionate young brewer from London. Lachy immediately moved to Brisbane for the job as he could not wait to share his passion about high-quality craft beer.

“When you try a Ballistic beer, you’ll notice something familiar but also something different, a meeting of old and new. So enjoy a Ballistic beer, but don’t expect it to taste like any other craft beer– it really depends on who won the latest ‘discussion’ [between David and Lachy]”

As all Ascot residents know, The Stables Craft Bar & Kitchen is the place to go when thirsty for beer, old whiskey, and craft beers from local breweries around Australia and even from as far away as Sierra Nevada, USA. On any given day or night, the bar serves seven types of beer and one cider, Willie Smith’s Organic Cider from Tasmania. There are also varieties of options for someone who prefers bottled beers. Among the options are Moon Bay Bjorn Again, Fortitude Toasted Lager, and Feral Hop Hog IGA. All beers can be paired with light meals, such as Rosemary and Chorizo, Rustic Fries, Croquettes with Mustard Creme Fraiche, Steak Wrap, Raw Veges, and Nut Salad with lime dressing or Salami.

Credit: The Stables Craft Bar & Kitchen Facebook