Therapy Dog in Training Introduced to Ascot State School Students

A 17-week-old male Cavoodle is currently undergoing training as a therapy dog at Ascot State School. ‘Winston’ spent time with Prep and Year 1 students and will continue to visit classes each week to get him acquainted with his Ascot family.

Beginning Term 4, students at Ascot State School were introduced to Winston. He is a hypo-allergenic Cavoodle – a breed of dog that is a cross between the Poodle and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He lives full-time with Ms Keong and her family and is currently in training to be a therapy dog.

Sometimes referred to as “comfort dogs”, therapy dogs provide companionship and emotional support to adults or children. They are different, though, from other working dogs such as guide dogs, police dogs or service dogs which are trained to do specific tasks on behalf of their owners. 

According to Guide Dogs Queensland, therapy dogs provide support for people who has either a mental, emotional or behavioural condition as well as those with illnesses or physical disabilities.

As part of his training program, he will be introduced to the environment and the students at Ascot SS. He will come to each class for a two-hour meet and greet with the adults and students one day each week and then build up to three full days throughout the next year. Winston will then work in some classrooms to provide support to students with their learning and help relieve their fears and anxieties.