Ascot Attempted Break-in Incidents Highlight Importance of Home Security

Two separate incidents in Ascot have underscored the benefits of installing home security systems to make one’s home less vulnerable to intruders.

Between 9.10 am and 9.20 am on Monday, 17 April 2023, two homeowners on Kitchener Road and Yabba Street in Ascot were notified by their CCTV systems of attempted break-ins by unknown individuals.

At both of these addresses, the residents noticed a white Nissan X-trail that had been stolen from an address in Grange. CCTV footage also showed the same offenders attempting to break in. Fortunately, the residents were able to notify the authorities, and as a result, the offenders left without taking any property.

In a separate incident, at around 9.25 pm on the same night, offenders attempted to enter a residence in Henry Street, Ascot but were unsuccessful. The resident was able to provide police with CCTV footage of the suspects. The white Nissan X-trail was located by police and crashed at Enoggera.

The attempted break-ins in Ascot emphasise the significance of implementing security measures to safeguard your home. The police suggest that installing alarm and CCTV systems that comply with the Australian Standards for domestic use to help in identifying offenders. 

As evidenced by the incidents in question, residents in Ascot were able to promptly notify law enforcement and furnish them with valuable evidence of the attempted break-ins, thanks to the aid of such systems.

Aside from security systems, it’s also important to remember to lock your doors with a key, even while you’re at home. This extra security measure provides an additional hurdle for potential offenders attempting to enter your home.

Moreover, to ensure the safety of your loved ones and property, it’s advisable to have a well-lit exterior, particularly around your home’s entrance. Sufficient lighting can discourage potential intruders since it makes it more visible to others if someone is approaching the house.

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Published 3-May-2023