Catch the Final Pink’d Up BBQ Event in Ascot This Year

Don’t miss the final Pink’d Up BBQ for this year’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month on October 27!

Everyone is invited to attend the event happening in 111 Racecourse Rd, Ascot. The Bank of Queensland will be selling cupcakes and proceeds will go to Chicks in Pink, a foundation that supports women living with breast cancer.

Pink’d Up 2017 is extra special for the community as they aim to raise $100,000, which could be their highest donation to date. They have always been proud to support women with breast cancer. This year’s efforts promises to contribute more for the women’s needs.

Pink’d Up BBQ Event in Ascot
Credit: Racecourse RD Facebook

As always, the 72 olden Poinciana trees from the River to the Racetrack on Racecourse Road are decorated with pink ornaments. The community works together to adorn the trees with ribbons and artworks as they participate as one in the annual Pink’d Up Racecourse Rd event.

Credit: Racecourse Rd Facebook

Elsewhere in the state and across Australia, a massive concerted effort is in place to raise awareness about the disease. Concerned groups gather all means of support for affected women, including survivors of breast cancer. In Queensland for example, researchers are now utilizing 3D printers to develop biodegradable implants for breast cancer survivors who have undergone mastectomy.

According to the University of Queensland, there are one in eight Queensland women that will be diagnosed with breast cancer prior the age of 85. Younger women afflicted with the disease have less chance of surviving than their older counterparts. The university highlights that more funding is required for more relevant research and clinical trials to take place.

Credit: ARC ITTC in Additive Biomanufacturing YouTube

In Brisbane, breast cancer survivors find support with Dragons Abreast. These are women who fought the disease and maintain active lifestyle by engaging in Dragon Boat Racing. The group continues to promote breast cancer awareness as they pursue a fun and healthy lifestyle. They train every Saturday morning and meet up at the BRD container, behind the State Hockey Centre, 400 Lytton Road at Colmslie.

Meanwhile, the Brisbane Racing Club is behind the 2017 Spring Racing Carnival, Australia’s most prestigious 2400 metre handicap race and the second biggest Cup race of the spring behind the Melbourne Cup. The activities are done for a good cause as $5 from every General Admission ticket sold is to be given to Breast Cancer Network Australia.

2017 Spring Racing Carnival
Credit: Brisbane Racing Club Facebook

These and other similar activities, usually happening to celebrate October’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, are held yearly. If you couldn’t come to Ascot Pink’d Up barbeque this year, you still have your chance next year.

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