Sustainable Spirits: Milton Rum Distillery Leads the Way with Future Food Initiative

Upon completing his studies at the esteemed University of Queensland, Alexander Bell, the mastermind behind Australia’s newest boutique rum distillery, charted an unconventional course. Departing from the traditional path in his field, he embarked on a venture to establish his own distillery, driven by the historical legacy of the long-lost Milton Rum Distillery, once an illustrious rum producer.

Leveraging his engineering skills, Bell ingeniously devised a compact continuous-column still that harmoniously merges seven distinct stills into a singular apparatus, bestowing the distillery with the remarkable ability to craft exceptional rum of unparalleled quality at a fraction of the cost borne by its counterparts.

  Sustainable Spirits: Milton Rum Distillery Leads the Way with Future Food Initiative
Photo Credit: Facebook / Milton Rum Distillery 

Whilst traditional distilleries dutifully uphold artisanal methods, this visionary establishment pioneers novel production techniques and harnesses cutting-edge technology to replicate the phenomenal outcomes yielded by time-honoured practices. Consequently, it breathes life into a diverse array of locally concocted rum expressions, transcending geographical boundaries, and competes valiantly with industry giants, all whilst fostering affordability.

In addition to its awe-inspiring output capabilities, the distillery remains firm in its unwavering commitment to energy conservation and resource efficiency. Its meticulously tailored still operates with remarkable efficiency, consuming considerably diminished volumes of water and electricity when compared with traditional counterparts. 

As an inspired touch, the distillery ingeniously harnesses the potential of food waste, utilising discarded fruit skins within its distillation process. These sustainable endeavours not only curtail operational costs but also minimise waste.

The fruits of their labour have not gone unnoticed. Milton Rum Distillery has been the recipient of a multitude of esteemed awards, including the coveted Melbourne International Spirits Competition prize for Australian Rum Distillery of the Year in 2020. Bell’s vision extends far beyond the confines of the distillery as he passionately sources ingredients from the surrounding Brisbane suburbs, thereby forging vital bonds with the local community.

Integral to the distillery’s triumph lies its active involvement in the Future Food Initiative, an empowering initiative spearheaded by the Brisbane Economic Development Agency. Through this transformative program, the distillery secures invaluable access to discerning investors, experienced mentors, and influential contacts within the expansive food industry, propelling its accelerated growth.

Sustainable Spirits: Milton Rum Distillery Leads the Way with Future Food Initiative
Photo Credit: Facebook / Milton Rum Distillery 

Collaborative partnerships with esteemed social enterprises, exemplified by HELP Enterprises, empower the distillery to achieve scalability whilst concurrently affording individuals with disabilities meaningful employment opportunities.

Bolstered by the unwavering support of BEDA, Milton Rum Distillery has successfully permeated the shelves of renowned chain liquor stores, including the likes of Dan Murphy’s, BWS, First Choice, and Vintage Cellars. And as Brisbane gears up to claim the spotlight in the countdown to 2032, Alexander Bell urges aspiring enterprises to seize the plethora of opportunities that await. 

Regarding the market trends indicating rum as the next prominent spirit, Bell expresses confidence in their position to seize this opportunity. However, Bell also recognizes that sustainability and quality will be crucial drivers of value in the future, and as a result, they are committed to continuously improving their processes and value chain to enhance sustainability.

Published 20-June-2023

How Milton Rum Distillery Redefines Australian Rum Scene

Milton Rum Distillery, now based in Albion after its Milton home was inundated by floods, is on a mission to redefine the world of rum in Australia. Get to know how their cutting-edge technology, novel innovations, and strategic partnerships are helping them towards that goal.

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Their objective is to bring a fresh approach to the Australian rum scene by creating beverages that blend time-honoured distillation methods with cutting-edge innovations, resulting in a distinctive and unparalleled drinking experience.

Alexander Bell, Director at Milton Rum emphasises that being based in Brisbane has provided them with countless opportunities for growth. The city’s reputation as one of the world’s most innovative cities, owing to its cutting-edge technological advancements, has allowed the distillery to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Milton Rum Distillery
Photo credit: Milton Rum Distillery/Facebook

Mr Bell, the creative force behind the company, has also designed a remarkable four-metre-high hybrid continuous column still. This extraordinary creation, comprising seven stills-in-one, has revolutionised the company’s rum production. 

It can produce over 300,000 bottles per year whilst utilising a fraction of the raw materials and energy required by traditional pot stills. With this cutting-edge apparatus, the distillery has set a new standard for efficiency and sustainability in the distilling world.

Milton Rum Distillery
Photo credit: Milton Rum Distillery/Facebook

The distillery’s journey took a significant leap forward when it joined Brisbane Economic Development Agency’s Future Food Initiative. This pivotal decision opened doors to opportunities that would have otherwise remained inaccessible. 

Since 2018, the Future Food Initiative has supported the ambitions of more than 400 businesses, providing them with the means to expand globally and accelerate their pathways to success. 

Milton Rum Distillery
Photo credit: Fraser mckenzie/Google Maps

For the distillery, this partnership has been a game-changer, enabling them to scale their operations, access new markets, and secure necessary funding to fuel their growth.

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With a combination of technological prowess, innovative thinking, and strategic partnerships, the distillery is reimagining the rum experience for Australians.

Gone are the days when rum was viewed as a conventional spirit. Today, it represents a harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity, crafted with care and precision. 

Published 12-May-2023