Eagle Farm Racecourse Hosts Event to Help Leah Kilner


Eagle Farm Racecourse will host ‘Gala Night with Leah Kilner’ on the 19th of November 2022 with proceeds going directly to the female jockey to assist her on her journey to recovery. 

“To see people have called me strong, brave, an inspiration and even a miracle is really unbelievable, I would have never called myself those things. But when I hear the first stories and see where I am now, I guess I really have come a long way and if I can some day help anybody and inspire them to keep pushing I will be happy if I can do it, so please if anyone needs help reach out!” – Leah Kilner 

Leah Kilner is making quick progress in her recovery and a charity fundraising event has been organised to help her in this journey. Dubbed “Gala Night with Leah Kilner”, the event takes place at St Leger Ascot Marquee this 19 November 2022 beginning at 6.30 pm. 

The charity fundraiser will be emceed by Channel 7’s Pat Welsh and Lizzie Jelfs and will feature live entertainment, guest speakers, raffles and auctions to be conducted by the Magic Millions team. Attendees will also be treated to a lavish three-course meal plus a premium four-hour beverage package.

Note: Tickets for the event have already been sold out.

Leah Kilner was left critically injured after being thrown from a horse in July 2022. The 24-year-old Australian female jockey was riding ‘Stella Turn’ during a race at Grafton in New South Wales and was 75 m from the finish when the accident happened. 

She was immediately flown to the Princess Alexandra Hospital where she was initially placed in a medically induced coma. In early September, nearly two months after the accident, Leah was released from the hospital. She immediately shared updates on her journey and provided details on the extent of her injuries.

In her Instagram post, she wrote, “Wow who knew I’d be legitimately walking out of here and Alive! I bet if you asked those around me in the first couple of days it may have been a grave “I’m not sure..”

“July 3rd turned my life upside down…I’m just so greatful and feel lucky that I’m here to tell the crazy story and thankful for all the people that have been here to support me and all the people that have sent a message, a prayer, anything at all, it’s all helped! And we can’t forget the paramedics first on the scene and the Westpac Helicopter and all the barrier/track staff. Literally all played a part in saving my life my life 🙌🏻🤍,” she continued.

She said that she still has “a long way to go and a lot more therapy” but she is ready to take on the challenge. She revealed that apart from the severe head/brain trauma she also had a collarbone snapped in three, broken ribs, and a small fracture in the ankle. Her whole left side was also extremely weak and her left eye is completely shut leaving her with only 25% vision.

Her left eye has recovered since and she has slowly gone back to doing her normal things. She even got to be back on a horse just recently which definitely is an inspiring sight to behold.

“Baby steps mate and you will be back soon. You are an inspiration. Nothing but love ❤️ and respect.” – suttystips1

“The best day seeing that smile on your face! ❤️❤️” – stephthornton99

“This is amazing girl 😍 absolute inspo 🙌” – seygilbert