Troy Royal Remembered After Fatal Motorcycle Crash in Hendra

A tragic accident has claimed the life of a beloved family man, Troy Royal, who died after a fatal motorcycle crash on Southern Cross Way at Hendra around 3.20am on March 21.

Police investigations indicate that the motorcycle was headed north on Southern Cross Way, just north of the East West Arterial Rd, when the 49-year-old Albany Creek man lost control and fell from the bike. Paramedics treated Mr. Royal at the scene, but he died shortly after 3:20 a.m. on 21 March 2024.

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Tributes have poured in for Mr. Royal, with his sister Kirsty Trusz saying, “Troy loved his family … he will be missed by so many people. May you RIP.”

Photo Credit: Facebook

His older brother Bradley, who lives in Townsville, added that Troy was “always loved and will never be forgotten”.

Family, friends, and the wider community have taken to social media to pay tribute to Mr Royal.

The Australian Motorcycle Safety Awareness group also posted a tribute, saying, “May he Rest in Peace flying high with his new angel wings. They came too soon. Condolences to all who knew and loved him.”

Mr Royal, an alumnus of Mitchelton State High School, had been working as a laboratory technician for the Brisbane City Council for the past 15 years.

The Forensic Crash Unit’s investigations are ongoing, and police are appealing to anyone who witnessed the crash or has relevant footage to come forward.

If you’ve got any information that could help, you can get in touch with Policelink. They’ve got an online form you can fill out any time of the day at, or you can give them a ring on 131 444.

And remember, if you’d prefer to stay anonymous, you can pass on what you know through Crime Stoppers. Just call 1800 333 000 or head to When you get in touch, make sure you mention the reference number QP2400499365.

Published 22-March-2024

Hendra Residents Challenge Mega Childcare Centre on Flood-Prone Site

Residents of Hendra are mounting a legal challenge against the development of a childcare centre on a site formerly occupied by a lawn bowls club, known for its flood risk. The group is contesting the project, emphasising environmental concerns and the need for responsible land use in the community.

The project (DA A005894902), spanning 5,724 sqm along Lethem St, was approved by the Council on 27 October 2023 and has led to a formal appeal in the Planning and Environment Court.

The appellants argue that the 239-place childcare centre from Lethem Street Projects Pty Ltd represents an overdevelopment of the site, leaving no space for sports or recreational facilities and disrupting the character of the area

The development’s scale is expected to increase traffic significantly, affecting the local community’s quality of life and posing a risk due to the site’s flood-prone nature. With 91 objections lodged by residents, the case highlights a substantial community pushback against the council’s decision.

Lethem St Hendra
Photo Credit: DA A005894902

The development has been assessed under the Planning Act 2016, with changes to the application deemed minor by the Council, including the removal of outdoor sport and recreation land uses.

However, the community’s concerns extend beyond the scope of these adjustments, focusing on the broader impact on local amenities, flood risk, and traffic congestion.

Previously, the community had initially supported plans by property developer Kenlynn, the former owner of the  25 Lethem St site, for a low-density housing project, aligning with the area’s quiet residential nature. However, this plan was abandoned, and the offer to sell the land to the Council for public green space did not materialise.

Lethem St Hendra
Photo Credit: DA A005894902

One resident expressed that a large childcare centre contradicts the community’s expectations and needs, pointing out the existing surplus of childcare facilities and the lack of demand for another. Residents advocate for development that respects the area’s residential character and meets actual community needs.

As of press time, the developer has yet to submit its defence whilst the court has yet to set a date for the hearing.

Published 5-Feb-2024

New Medical Weight Loss Clinic Opens in Hendra

We all know that winter and comfort food tend to go together, yet we are swamped with weight-loss advice and Dr Google has 1,001 variations for losing weight. Then there are the influencers and the gurus who dispense strategies based on the simplicity of more exercise, less food. Most of us have tried unsustainable diets but a new weight loss clinic has arrived in Ascot, offering qualified medical advice and treatments focused on weight loss. It’s called Alevia.

Clare’s story is one that many people will relate to. Her clothes no longer fitted her.

“I knew how great I felt when my body was at a comfortable weight,” she said.

“I knew I needed some real help to find a way to not only lose the weight again but to keep it off for good.”

“I reached my goal weight within three months and have stayed within a 3-kg range for over 15 months which is the longest I have managed to maintain. I have regular checkups regarding my weight and health, as I am one of those people that need support to make sure I stay on track. Unfortunately, I am fighting my gene pool on this one and have had to accept that it will never be easy for me but I have also learned that it can be done, and it is ok to ask for help.”

Photo Credit: Supplied

The medical world knows that weight loss is not just about the aesthetic pleasure derived.

“As doctors who have treated patients with complex medical problems for many years, we know that many conditions are improved by weight loss,” says Dr Catherine Bacus MBBS,FRACGP of Alevia.

“Alevia sees a wide range of clients from 18 years of age to 80 years of age! The most common demographic being women aged 45-65 who may have medical conditions related to excess weight and has tried many lifestyle changes on her own before reaching out for medical assistance.”

At Alevia, an initial assessment with the clinic’s doctor includes a body composition analysis and then seeks to understand the causes of weight gain – including medical, biological, genetic and lifestyle factors.

Obesity is a largely genetic condition. Between 40% and 70% of an individual’s weight is due to genetics and overcoming a persons’ hunger hormones can assist with long term weight control.

During the initial assessment, the doctor will also discuss all the relevant treatment options.

Dr Christine Bacus, Alevia

Dr Bachus was kind enough to answer some questions about Alevia’s approach to medical weight loss, that many people would have.

What are your most common treatments?

The most common treatments we provide at Alevia Medical Weight Loss Clinic are Body composition analysis; provision of evidence-based diet plans and exercise plans; prescribing weight loss medications, where appropriate, to help with hunger and cravings; as well as referral to psychologists and bariatric surgeons, when needed. This broad range of treatments we provide allows us to cater to everyone’s unique needs to be able to provide the best possible treatment. Alevia is conveniently co-located in Ascot with Kieser strength and physiotherapy group and has both face-to-face and telehealth options available for clients to see their medical doctors and dietitians.

Is there any technology involved in your services?

We use state-of-the art body composition analysis to determine a person’s body fat, muscle mass, visceral fat and basal metabolic rate, which assists us in tailoring a weight-loss program to the individual’s needs.

When was Alevia born? When did your Ascot clinic open?

Alevia Medical Weight Loss began to serve patients living with excess weight in April 2018. Since then, Alevia has grown to serve patients in five locations across Australia, including Melbourne, Adelaide and now Brisbane.

The Alevia Ascot facility opened on the 10th of May 2023, enabling us to help more patients in Australia with trusted medical care for weight management.

Alevia’s clinic is at 1 Zillman Road in Hendra. Find out more at their website.

Alevia is a proud Sponsor of Ascot News in 2023.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice and should not be relied upon as such. Always seek the guidance of a medical doctor or other qualified health professional on any questions you may have about your health or any medical condition.

Published 20-June-2023

4 Key Pet Personas and Common Health Risks Associated With Each One

Pets, like humans, have different personalities and quirks. New data suggests that unexpected events or various mishaps and illnesses that lead to vet visits can be better understood by looking into these 4 key pet personas and the health risks commonly found in each type.

GapOnly®, an innovative payment solution powered by PetSure, has identified four key pet personas – Munchers, Opportunists, Daredevils, and Wranglers, each with its unique set of potential health conditions and mishaps that pet parents can look out for.  

Munchers are the kind of pet that you can’t leave alone at a family BBQ. From erasers to socks and human medication, their love of food could land them at the vet for treatment for ingestion of foreign bodies, ingestion of toxins or even diabetes over the long-term. The average case amount for claims related to the Muncher was $1,196 with an average benefit reimbursed of $843 or 71 per cent. In some cases, claims related to Munchers were as high as $33,334 for dogs.

Opportunists are cousins to the Muncher – also food-driven, they are cheeky and clever and they know how to work a room to get what they want. Claims related to Opportunists include ingestion of foreign bodies, pancreatic disease and gastrointestinal conditions. The average size of a claim related to Opportunists was $842, while the largest claim amount for the Opportunist archetype for dogs was over $40,000.

Daredevils are bold and courageous but could head to the vet for claims related to bone fractures, tissue damage or traumatic injury and musculoskeletal conditions. The average size of a claim for conditions related to Daredevils was $659, and in some cases, it was as high as $38,000.

Wranglers are keen to get off the beaten track, and likely to encounter not-so-friendly critters on their way. Snake bites, insect bites and tissue damage or traumatic injury are potential conditions for these pets, with claims related to Wranglers representing eight per cent of annual cases. The average case for conditions related to the Wrangler was $562 while the largest amount claimed for dogs was also as high as $38,000.

Photo Credit: Supplied

The research comes as pet ownership booms in Australia, with 69 per cent of households having a pet, and nearly half (45 per cent) of current pet owners being categorised as ‘less experienced’ having purchased a pet during the pandemic (up from 39 per cent in 2021).

Dr Maria Neale, Veterinarian and General Manager at GapOnly®, said summer is a peak season for pet purchasing and adoption, meaning many people are currently navigating a new pet parent role.

 “Researching your breed and speaking to your local vet about your pet’s behavioural tendencies is key to being a responsible pet owner. 

 “First-time pet owners simply may not be aware of the unexpected mishaps that can occur, and the costs associated with veterinary care.

 “If you’ve got a pup who is a Muncher, avoid feeding them leftovers from your barbeque as this could lead to a trip to the vet, a stay in hospital or even surgery. The average claim value for ingestion of a foreign body in 2022 was $1,520.”

 Dr Neale said pets can be unpredictable, so having measures in place to protect them in the event that they get injured or fall sick is vital – no matter what age or breed your pet is.

 “Despite the higher rates of pet ownership and an annual increase in claims, just 17 per cent of dog owners and 12 per cent of cat owners hold a pet insurance policy. And in fact, research shows 35 per cent of dog owners haven’t looked into or don’t know pet insurance is available in the first place!

 “However, many policies pay a benefit of up to 80% of eligible bills up to the value of $30,000 or more² and with GapOnly®  customers can claim on the spot, simply paying the gap** between the vet’s invoice and the insurance claim benefit.

“We see the value of pet insurance in clinics everyday, empowering customers to make decisions quickly, so they can focus on pursuing the recommended course of treatment for their pet without worrying about having to make a difficult decision based on cost,” she said.

To learn more about GapOnly®, and for the full list of pet personas and true stories, visit the official site.

Hendra Childcare Centre and Outdoor Sport and Recreation Facility Planned

Did you know that Hendra could soon be getting a new childcare centre and sport & recreation facility with a basketball court and handball court?

Lethem Street Projects has submitted a development application to establish a 239-place childcare centre at 25 Lethem Street, the former home of the Hendra Lawn Bowls Club.

With a height of 8.7 metres, the two-storey building is designed to be of a house-sensitive scale that easily integrates with the surrounding uses. 

Designed by Mijollo International, the proposed development includes a provision for a 2,254-sqm private outdoor sport and recreation facility which will contain a 556-sqm basketball and handball court.

The courts will be available for hire outside the main hours of operation of the childcare centre.

Oberhead view of plan for Hendra childcare center and recreation facility
Photo credit: Brisbane City Council /

The 239-capacity childcare centre will have a total of 2,458.8 sqm of gross floor area and will contain a total of 11 activity rooms broken down as follows:

Room 1 (including outdoor) – 39sqm gross floor area that can accommodate up to 12 children, and an 848sqm outdoor space;

Room 2 – 39 sqm gross floor area that can accommodate up to 12 children;

Room 3 – 52 sqm gross floor area that can accommodate up to 16 children;

Room 4 – 52 sqm gross floor area that can accommodate up to 16 children;

Room 5 – 65 sqm gross floor area that can accommodate up to 20 children;

Room 6 – 65 sqm gross floor area that can accommodate up to 20 children;

Room 7 – 71.5 sqm gross floor area that can accommodate up to 22 children;

Room 8 (including outdoor) – 107.25 sqm gross floor area that can accommodate up to 33 children;

Room 9 – 71.5 sqm gross floor area that can accommodate up to 22 children;

Room 10 – 107.25 sqm gross floor area that can accommodate up to 33 children;

Room 11- 107.25 sqm gross floor area that can accommodate up to 33 children;

Childcare Centre and Outdoor Sport and Recreation Planned for Hendra
Photo credit: Brisbane City Council /

There will be 52 car parking spaces provided across the basement level plus two outdoor play areas and two common indoor play areas. 

The childcare centre’s proposed hours of operation will be 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Mondays to Fridays, whilst the multi-purpose courts will be available through bookings, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Mondays to Sundays.

Dandelion & Driftwood to Reopen at a New Location in 2021

Have you missed dining at Dandelion & Driftwood? Following its closure in Hendra two years ago, the cafe is all set to mark its return in 2021! 

Owners Peter and Penny Wolff have not revealed the new location but they’ve confirmed the reopening in a Facebook post. 

“We bring good news to you all. Our beloved D&D will be opening a new location in 2021. In this glorious big space!” the post stated

Reports disclosed that the new site will not be far off from the pair’s Wolff Coffee Roasters site on Gerler Road. The wait will not be too long as the new D&D could open its doors by February 2021.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Dandelion & Driftwood opened its specialty coffee and tea shop in 2010. As it consistently provided great-tasting food and drinks, as well as excellent customer service, locals flocked to the cafe regularly. Weekend lines and crowds were ever-present as the Wolff’s built their reputation with awards and recognitions.

Some say Dandelion & Driftwood significantly influenced and changed Brisbane’s cafe scene. Its closure in 2018, however, wasn’t the end.

Dandelion & Driftwood branched out at the Brisbane International Airport. Due to COVID-19, however, operations have been temporarily halted on site with the decline of travellers. Whilst this was a blow to the Wolff’s, they were also in the midst of planning their new cafe. 

Penny shares how the new site is coming together in the video post below and you can likely spot the cafe’s new location.

Meanwhile, Dandelion & Driftwood continues trading via Uber and at the company’s headquarters on Gerler Road. 

For updates on the cafe’s progress and reopening, follow their Instagram page