BCC Uses Bugs for Pest Removal in Ascot

Brisbane City Council is holding off on toxic pesticides in preventing a pest invasion in Ascot, choosing instead to pit bugs against bugs to naturally get rid of the destructive moths that have been attacking poinciana trees. 

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner announced the natural pest control trial in Ascot to protect about 19,000 of these beautiful flowering plants. 

The council will release native wasps “about quarter the size of a pinhead.” These wasps are known to lay eggs in looper moth eggs, which prevents the pest species from developing into caterpillars that feed off the trees, causing defoliation.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

In the early cycle of a looper moth’s life, they hatch in leaves on the ground then migrate up the tree trunks. These caterpillars are active at night but quiet and unnoticeable during the day. 

The council will also use weevils and beetles to attack aquatic weeds and vine weeds that clog and choke the waterways. Some of these natural pest killers were sourced from NSW, such as jewel beetles. 

Photo Credit: annawaldi/Pixabay

“We know that your enemy’s enemy is your friend and in this case it’s weevils, wasps and beetles that are helping look after our native vegetation,” the mayor said.