Brisbane’s First ‘Momo Fest’ Dumpling Event from Melbourne Coming to Ascot

Momo Fest, Melbourne’s popular dumpling festival, is set to roll into Brisbane’s food scene for the very first time this year. Lovers of food wrapped in dough made of thin sheets of flour and water may expect to sample 30 different varieties once the festival drops in Ascot. 

Brisbane locals may finally experience the flavourful taste and goodness of this unique festival that Melbourne folks have enjoyed for the last three years. Set for Sunday, the 12th of April, Momo Fest in Ascot will take place at the Doomben Racecourse from 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. 

The announcement comes early as the event recently opened slots for interested stall holders, festival sponsors, and media partners. 

Photo Credit: Momo Fest/Facebook

A delicacy that comes from the regions of Nepal, Tibet and Northeast India, momo is similar to the Chinese jiaozi, Japanese Gyoza and Korean mandu. Traditionally, momo is prepared with simple ground meat filling packed with region’s spices and herbs, and then steamed to lock in its flavours. 

Photo Credit: Momo Fest/Facebook

More elaborate momos have emerged over the years as style and taste changed. Some momos are filled with paneer cheese, tofu, vegetables, milk solids and sugar, as well as and other interesting combinations. 

Aside from the dumpling feast, Momo Fest is also going to feature live music, multicultural performances, workshops, competitions and entertainment for the kids. It doesn’t cost a lot to check out what’s in this food fest as the entry fee is only $2 and kids under the age of 12 can come in for free.