Ascot Swarmed by Police in Operation Whiskey Legion Crackdown

Ascot is currently experiencing a surge in police presence as Operation Whiskey Legion (OWL) descends for a 10-day deployment.

This intensive operation, which started June 19 and has proven successful in six other Queensland districts since its launch in April, involves various specialised units working alongside local police to tackle high-risk crime and repeat offenders.

Acting Assistant Commissioner Denzil Clark from the Crime and Intelligence Command highlighted the operation’s effectiveness, stating that it has led to over 1,380 adult arrests and over 3,126 charges in the past three months. The increased police capacity has also allowed officers to provide support to more than 2,606 victims of crime.

OWL’s multi-faceted approach involves specialist police from Highway Patrol, Railway Squad, Water Police, Dog Squad, and Crime Prevention units collaborating with frontline officers to prevent crime and apprehend serious offenders. 

The operation’s focus in Ascot will address specific local issues, such as public safety at transport hubs and shopping centres, motor vehicle theft, home invasions, domestic violence breaches, and targeted investigations of high-risk individuals.

Brisbane Region Assistant Commissioner Ben Marcus emphasised that the additional resources provided by OWL will bolster local enforcement capabilities, ultimately reducing crime and improving community safety. He detailed the plan to rapidly deploy specialised units to identify hot spots, utilising resources across the Queensland Police Service.

Acting Chief Superintendent Simon Tayler of the North Brisbane Police District called upon the community to actively participate in the operation, encouraging residents to be extra vigilant and report any suspicious activity promptly. He stressed the importance of securing homes and vehicles, making it more difficult for thieves to operate in the area.

With the successful track record of Operation Whiskey Legion in other districts, authorities are optimistic about the positive impact it will have in Ascot over the next ten days.

Published Date 24-June-2024