Cirque du Soleil’s ‘LUZIA’ Debuts in Eagle Farm with a Splash of Rain

Cirque du Soleil introduces its first-ever rain-themed touring performance, “LUZIA,” next to the Royal Queensland Golf Club in  Eagle Farm, offering a unique spectacle that blends acrobatics with rain effects.

From Wednesday, the 25th of September 2024, “LUZIA” will be showcased until the 3rd of  November 2024 at a specific site in the Curtin Avenue venue. 

Marking 40 years since its inception, Cirque du Soleil continues to innovate with “LUZIA,” a performance inspired by Mexico’s vibrant culture and natural elements. This production is notable for incorporating rain into its array of acrobatic and artistic sequences, a first for the touring company.

Luzia in Eagle Farm
Photo Credit: Cirque du Soleil

This year not only celebrates the 40th anniversary of Cirque du Soleil but also commemorates 25 years of performances in Australia, making “LUZIA” the 10th big-top show from the troupe to tour the country. The production is an elaborate celebration of Mexican themes, conveyed through a blend of light (‘lux’) and rain (‘lluvia’).

“LUZIA” boasts a significant undertaking with a travelling team of 120 individuals, including 47 artists from 26 nations, all bringing imaginary Mexico to life for Australian audiences.

Audiences can expect to see various performances set against surreal backdrops such as an old movie set and a desert, featuring acrobatics, trapeze acts through showers, and more. The production utilises 1000-plus costumes, enhancing the visual splendour of each act.

Luzia in Eagle Farm
Photo Credit: Cirque du Soleil

Written and directed by Daniele Finzi Pasca, “LUZIA” starts with a parachutist’s descent into an imaginative realm. This initiates a magical journey through various whimsical and dynamic scenes, highlighting the unique flair Cirque du Soleil is known for.

“LUZIA” incorporates elements like hoop diving on giant treadmills and acrobatics involving footballs and bikes. Unique to this production is the use of rain in dynamic sequences such as Cyr wheel acts and trapeze performances, providing a fresh and immersive experience to the circus arts.

Since its premiere in 2016, “LUZIA” has attracted over 4.5 million viewers globally. It continues to captivate with its blend of traditional circus arts and innovative staging, promising to be a memorable event for Brisbane’s audiences in 2024.

Tickets are now on sale.

Checking All the Boxes: A Look at the Requirements to Join Royal Queensland Golf Club

Earning membership in Brisbane’s most prestigious golf clubs can be an arduous process. But for dedicated golf enthusiasts who can navigate the demands, gaining access to these elite circles can make the effort worthwhile.

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Take the Royal Queensland Golf Club in Eagle Farm for example – since 2019, there has been a waiting list for new male members, whilst opportunities for women and juniors remain limited. 

According to the club’s website, “this aligns with the Golf Australia and R&A special measure to promote women’s golf.”

Photo credit: Janita Dal Cin/Google Maps 

At $18,000, it also has one of the most expensive memberships in Queensland. The lengthy application process requires proof of good character with references, a non-refundable $1000 fee, and an interview with club representatives. If approved, the nomination is posted publicly at the club for two weeks before current members vote.

Once accepted, there is a $13,000 entrance fee and $5,035 in annual dues. A strict dress code mandates collared shirts, tailored pants, and white socks for men and similarly formal attire for women. No jeans or cargo pants allowed.

The Pot of Gold After the Rainbow

Photo credit: Bexsu D/Google Maps

For golf enthusiasts who make it through, they gain access to the premier golfing experience in Queensland at the prestigious Eagle Farm course. The club also offers top-notch facilities and dining.

Their state-of-the-art coaching centre offers skilled instructors imparting their expertise whilst club repair services ensure equipment is in optimal condition. A well-stocked retail store features the latest golfing essentials. With all of these amenities, the club provides everything one needs for a fulfilling golfing experience. 

Photo credit: Toby Evers/Google Maps 

They also boast a long and distinguished history. Royal Queensland traces its roots to 1920 in Hamilton before relocating. In 1921, it cemented its elite status by receiving its “Royal” title from King George V, with the official letter signed by Winston Churchill.

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For passionate golfers willing to persevere, gaining membership at Royal Queensland offers immense privileges and prestige. However, reaching the club’s elite circles requires navigating a long and demanding process filled with hurdles at every step. Only those with the dedication to complete the journey will find themselves numbered among some of Queensland’s most exclusive golfing circles.

Published 3-February-2024

Royal QLD Golf Club in Eagle Farm Eyeing New Short Courses, Practice Facilities

Royal Queensland Golf Club is planning to develop its premises in Eagle Farm, a multimillion-dollar expansion that would include par-3 short courses and practice facilities. 

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After considering a range of options, the Club announced, through a circular sent to members, its plans to invest in short courses and practice facilities to cater to members such as business executives who don’t have much time to play their favourite sport.

Short courses are defined as anything under 6,000 yards. They are divided into three categories: 9-hole courses, par-3 courses and sub-6k-yard courses of any number of holes. 

Photo credit: Royal Queensland Golf Club/Facebook

Although short courses still provide plenty of challenge, they don’t require players to hit the ball excessively, allowing them to score better whilst saving time and developing their golf skills.

The club did not reveal much about the expansion plans but will conduct an online poll by October 2022 to allow members to have their say on the recommendation. 

They previously recommended the establishment of a Top Golf facility, but members opposed the plans, believing that it would diminish the brand of Royal Queensland.

Photo credit: Royal Queensland Golf Club/Facebook

Top Golf does not have a dress code whereas Royal Queensland’s dress code states that members are required to dress and present themselves both on the course and in the clubhouse in a manner respectful of each other and consistent with the club’s standards.

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In the golf and tennis areas, for instance, men’s shirts must be collared and tucked in, short socks must be mainly white, and shoes must be soft spikes only.

Royal Queensland Golf Club believes the interest in the club will remain strong, especially after their successful delivery of the Australian PGA Championship earlier this year.

The expansion also comes ahead of the anticipated Brisbane 2032 Olympics, where the elite club has been confirmed as host of golf competitions.

3 Big Reasons Why Australian PGA Championship 2020 Is Special

After seven years in the Gold Coast, the Australian PGA Championship recently announced its return to Brisbane. The move back to the Royal Queensland Golf Club in Eagle Farm later this year is a huge deal for three reasons.

1. Brisbane will host again after 19 years.

The last time Brisbane hosted the Australian PGA Championship was in 2001, which was also at the Royal Queensland Golf Club. Robert Allenby won this tournament, as well as the previous year’s championship (2000).  

The one other time the tournament was held in Brisbane was in 1956 at the Indooroopilly Golf Club

2. 2020 marks Royal Queensland Golf Club’s 100th year.

Incidentally, the Royal Queensland Golf Club will mark its 100th year in 2020. Established in 1920, the original course in Hamilton was designed by Australian Open Champion Carnegie Clark. 

Royal Queensland Golf Club has been touted as the breeding ground for PGA Professionals, including the iconic Greg Norman, who trained at this Eagle Farm green from 1975 to 1976. Its other notable members include Charlie Earp and Adam Scott.

3.  Royal Queensland Golf Club will be host for three years.

As part of its agreement with the Australian PGA Championship,  Royal Queensland Golf Club holds the rights to carry the tournament until 2022. Thus, Brisbane golf fans will be able to watch the sporting event for three summers. 

Photo Credit: Australian PGA Championship/Facebook

“We know Brisbane loves its live sporting events and we look forward to seeing the crowds come out to cheer on our home-grown and international golfers, while enjoying the party atmosphere of the Championship, which will continue to deliver exciting, vibrant and fan-friendly entertainment precincts on course,” PGA of Australia CEO Gavin Kirkman said.  

“We’re incredibly excited to return to Brisbane and the Royal Queensland Golf Club to celebrate a milestone anniversary of one of the country’s most treasured golf courses.”  

The Australian PGA Championship is expected to welcome PGA and European Tour pros and visitors. The sporting event is pegged to boost Brisbane’s economy and tourism.