Brisbane Icon Threatened As Albion High-Rise Could Loom Over Breakfast Creek Hotel

Breakfast Creek Hotel, a historic landmark built in 1889, faces a significant threat as developers of an Albion high-rise propose a 17-storey residential tower.

Located at 4 Higgs Street and 11 Sandgate Road, the proposed 199-unit development  (DA A006306280)  surpasses the 10-storey limit outlined in the Albion Neighbourhood Plan.

The DA was filed in June 2023 and is still being assessed following a public notification between February and March 2024.

However, the heritage-listed Breakfast Creek Hotel owners and several other businesses oppose the development, citing concerns about its impact on the viability and aesthetics of the Brisbane landmark.

Albion High-rise Sandgate Road and Higgs St
Photo Credit: DA A006306280
Albion High-rise Sandgate Road and Higgs St
Photo Credit: DA A006306280

Owners and Businesses Protest

The Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group, owner of the Breakfast Creek Hotel, vehemently opposes the residential tower. ALH’s parent company, Endeavour Group, highlights concerns about extreme shading of the patron seating area and beer garden during peak hours, potentially affecting customer experience and economic viability. ALH managing director Paul Walton underscores the hotel’s historical resilience and the need to preserve its heritage and amenities for future generations.

Similarly, the Queensland Hotels Association, represented by Bernie Hogan, voices concerns about noise attenuation and its historical impact on inner-city venues with significant heritage value.

Albion High-rise Sandgate Road and Higgs St
Photo Credit: DA A006306280

Renowned chef Shannon Kellam and his wife Clare express fears about the impact of the proposed tower on their business, Mica Brasserie. They emphasise that any setback, especially after recent challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic and 2022 floods, could lead to closure.

Developer’s Response

Despite objections, the developer, DRJ Investments Pty Ltd, remains silent. The company enlisted Sydney architect Jackson Teece to design the Albion high-rise, which boasts amenities such as a rooftop pool, ground-floor restaurant, and extensive basement car parking. 

Published 25-March-2024

Hudson Common: The New Heart of Albion?

Did you know that Albion could soon have an all-new commercial, residential retail precinct called Hudson Common on Sandgate Rd? 

The Alceon Group has lodged a development application with the Brisbane City Council that calls for the creation of a $200 million commercial, residential and retail precinct dubbed “Hudson Common”.

Work for the project will be centred on the ten-storey old TAB building in Sandgate Rd, and this work entails total building refurbishment, a facade upgrade, the construction of an open area plaza, as well as an all-new mid-level commercial tower. Plans are also in the works for the implementation of an onsite bistro, a supermarket, and boutique retail. 

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council/Development.i

The old TAB building, a Brisbane landmark that has been deemed by many as an eyesore, was first constructed in the 1970’s and has been one of the largest structures in Albion despite its dingy looks and state of disrepair. 

Photo credit: Google Maps

Initially, there were plans to demolish the building and construct a new one over the site, however the Alceon Group opted to refurbish it instead in order to reflect corporate responsibility through sustainable design.

Hudson Common aims to revitalise the Albion Village precinct by becoming the new heart of the suburb, providing activation seven days a week and establishing a new commercial business park complete with high-end transport options and amenities. 

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council/Development.i

With the Cross River Rail network linking to Albion’s, the proposed precinct is shaping up to become Brisbane’s next inner-city growth area. 

The site of the proposed mixed-use development can be found at 240 Sandgate Rd, Albion. For more information, visit the Hudson Common website here. Those interested in reading the proposal can do so via its application number: A005515830