New Ascot and Hamilton Townhouses Proposed at Stevenson Street and Nudgee Road

A proposal has been lodged, seeking to establish multiple dwelling units at the corner of Stevenson Street, Ascot and Nudgee Road, Hamilton.

Located at 89-95 Stevenson Street, Ascot and 20-24 Nudgee Road, Hamilton, the proposed development will comprise a total of 16 dwelling units of which 14 units will contain three bedrooms. There will be two 4-bedroom pre-1946 houses which will also be incorporated into the townhouse development plan designed by Plus Architecture. The existing dwellings will retain their existing driveway crossover and car parking to Stevenson Street.

Proposed site | Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council /
Existing Pre-1946 Dwelling Houses at 89-95 Stevenson Street, Hamilton | Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council /

“The retention and integration of the pre-1946 dwelling houses maintains a traditional building character, while the proposed new townhouses provide a high-quality and contemporary design outcome that responds to the continually developing and diverse streetscape of Stevenson Street and Nudgee Road, while remaining respectful of the materiality and architectural themes of the remaining pre-1946 character of the street and surrounding locality,” a report from Mewing Planning Consultants assessment said.

Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council /

The proposed building will be two storeys high with a maximum height of 9.5 metres. There will also be 37 car parking spaces including 28 residential spaces in private garages; four visitor parking spaces on the basement level; four spaces at the ground level within the house garages situated on Stevenson Street, and one parking space on the driveway located on the ground level of the western house. 

Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council /
Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council /

The proposed vehicle access, on the other hand, is via a new 7-metre Type B1 crossover from Stevenson Street, in between the two existing dwellings. A total of 518 sqm of deep planting is also proposed (215 sqm to Nudgee Road and 303 sqm to Stevenson Street frontage), as well as the southern side boundary.

Communal space area | Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council /

All dwelling units will also be provided with a functional private open space area via courtyards on the ground level which will be accessible from the main living area. 

Moreover, a communal space area to the south-eastern part of the proposed site is also included in the plan. The communal open space will feature a pool, communal lounge area, an open-turf space on the ground level, and an open space roof deck on the upper level.