$40 Million Eagle Farm TAFE Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing Centre Begins Construction

Construction work has officially begun on the $40-million Big Build project at Eagle Farm TAFE.

This project is set to establish a state-of-the-art Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing Centre (RAMC) that will be a pivotal addition to the field of advanced manufacturing and technology education.

New Centre’s Impressive Features

The Eagle Farm TAFE Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing Centre will house a range of specialised workshops dedicated to robotics, hydrogen, renewable energy, and electrotechnology. Moreover, the facility will include digital laboratories, dedicated learning spaces, as well as staff and student amenities. 

The new building is projected to provide employment for 93 individuals during its construction phase.

This transformative initiative is part of the Queensland Government’s $100 million ‘Equipping TAFE for our Future’ (ETFOF) programme, which aims to revamp and construct TAFE infrastructure, providing training opportunities for emerging and growth industries.

Preparation for the Future of Manufacturing

The Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing Centre at Eagle Farm TAFE is aligned with the Queensland Government’s commitment to empower and prepare the state’s manufacturing workforce for the challenges of automation and Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 represents the fourth industrial revolution, characterised by the integration of digital technologies, big data, and automation into manufacturing processes.

The facility is a response to the surging demand for advanced manufacturing skills and education. The Advanced Manufacturing Gateway to Industry Schools (GISP) programme, which initially started with seven participating schools in 2017, has now expanded to encompass 46 participating schools in 2023. This success shows that the initiative is on track to meet its target of participating schools for 2023.

In the previous year, over 2,200 students actively engaged in GISP advanced manufacturing-related activities, illustrating the growing interest and enthusiasm for this field among Queensland’s youth.

With an expected practical completion date in late 2024, the centre is poised to elevate the quality of training in several fields, including robotics, advanced manufacturing, process instrumentation, renewable technologies (such as hydrogen and solar power), and telecommunications.

One of the highlights of this project is its commitment to environmental sustainability. The Centre is set to achieve a 5-Star Green Buildings rating, a testament to its environmentally conscious design and construction. The Queensland Government’s dedication to green and sustainable building practices is clear in this effort.

Government Commitment and Investment

Minister for Training and Skills Development, Di Farmer, expressed her enthusiasm for this groundbreaking project.

“Today this Big Build project takes us one step closer to ushering in an exciting new era for robotics and advanced manufacturing training in south-east Queensland,” she said

She further elaborated on the types of courses and training the facility will provide.

“The Eagle Farm TAFE campus specialises in trade-related courses such as automation, instrumentation and control, renewables, plumbing and electrotechnology, telecommunication, and utilities.”

Ms Farmer underlined the importance of the Centre in preparing the state’s workforce for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, highlighting that “we want Queensland to be at the forefront of the revolution already underway in the manufacturing sector, which is all about providing sustainable jobs while improving cost, productivity, profitability and operations.”

For those interested in the facilities and courses available at the Eagle Farm TAFE campus, more information can be found on the official TAFE Queensland website

Published 18-Oct-2023