Woolworths Under-2 Hours Grocery Delivery Service Expands to Ascot

Woolworths shoppers in Ascot may now be able to have their online orders delivered in under two hours, as the superstore chain expands its newest speedy delivery service.

Called Delivery Now, this service has been operating at Woolworths stores in Melbourne and Sydney. It has recently been launched at six initial Brisbane sites.

Aside from Ascot, residents of Ashgrove, Bulimba, Camp Hill, Paddington and Spring Hill may also take advantage of Delivery Now, which allows shoppers to buy 30 items online to be delivered within a two-hour time frame.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Delivery Now is perfect for parents who need a batch of baby nappies or last-minute food ingredients fast. It’s also useful for customers who may be too sick to leave the house to buy medicines for cold or flu.

This speedy service cost $19 and can be availed daily between 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Delivery Now is different from Woolworths’ regular grocery delivery service which cost $15 for a total purchase worth $100.   

Exempted from Delivery Now, however, are deli items requiring preparation or big purchases that will not fit in the delivery truck.

Woolworths has plans to expand Delivery Now to other parts of Brisbane and Queensland in the near future.

Now Open: Woolworths At Racecourse Village, Ascot

Woolworths just opened its latest store at Racecourse Village in Ascot. The newest store is Woolworths’ first next-generation store. It boasts a number of new features guaranteed to create a whole new shopping experience.

Woolworths 3.0

The new features, dubbed as “Woolworths 3.0”, include flame-roasted chickens and an array of seafood from a new fish market. Other features include artisan bread and made-to-order cakes from the full production bakery. The Woolworths Ascot store will also feature a new ready meals section. The ready meals section is filled with fresh sandwiches, salads, and healthy juices for customers looking for easy meal options.

Picking up orders in-store is now even more convenient for those who prefer to do their shopping online. There is a dedicated Drive Thru service area  at the side of the building with parking bays.

Photo credit: The Retail Designers/Facebook

“Woolworths Racecourse Village Ascot marks the next evolution of our journey to create a neighbourhood food store for Queensland customers. It provides a great shopping experience for our local customers, with good prices on products they want, a great fresh offer and the convenience they are looking for,” Woolworths Queensland State Manager, Matthew Franich said.

“Our team has spent a great deal of time understanding how local customers like to shop and designed this store with their shopping needs in mind to create this next-generation grocery shopping experience.”

Photo Credit: Ian Bond/Facebook

Store highlights:

  • Fruit and Vegetables – Shoppers will experience a “marketplace” feel while choosing from an extensive range of Australian fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Deli – Pick up cured meats sliced to order. The can also choose their favourite olives from the deli or select from 90 delicious kinds of cheese.
  • Flame-Roasted Chicken –  Expertly marinated with breadcrumbs, herbs, and the juice of half a lemon – and hand-stuffed in-store. Free-range chicken is flame roasted to tender perfection for 30 minutes.
  • Bakery – Customers can order custom-made party cakes and freshly made pastries. They even have artisan bread loaves and freshly-made flatbread which are perfect for burritos, wraps, and even pizza bases.
  • Butcher – A new and free ‘Bag and Bake’ service available in meat and poultry, including Memphis Smokey BBQ, Cajun Seasoning, Herb and Garlic, and Portuguese Seasoning marinades. Meats are sourced locally, organic, and Heart Smart.
  • Seafood – Fresh fish caught locally from Australia and New Zealand. There offer free ‘Bag and Bake’ with fantastic marinade options, including tomato and basil, lime and chilli fusion, Thai sweet chilli, roast garlic and herbs, and teriyaki and ginger.
  • Macro Wholefoods Market – Pick from an extensive range of certified organic products, including loose nuts, seeds and grains, and gluten-free range.
  • Sushi – Made to order and handmade fresh sushi with Platter pre-orders are also available. There are hot Japanese dishes on the takeaway menu, including Poke bowls, Katsu Chicken, and Teriyaki Chicken.
  • Pick up – online shopping made convenient through a dedicated Pickup area at the front of the store. Likewise, there is a convenient Drive-thru service to the side of the building with designated parking bays for store-to-boot convenience.

One With the Community

To minimize environmental impact and ensure sustainability, Woolworths used LED lights and carbon-efficient refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. 

“Being part of the local community is very important to us, and we’re looking forward to hosting local schools in our Fresh Food Kids Discovery Tours program. We’re also helping minimise food waste via our partnerships with OzHarvest and Foodbank to help provide meals to Australians in need,” Matthew Franich concluded.

Woolworths Ascot is located in Racecourse Village, 188 Nudgee Rd, Ascot.