St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School in Ascot to Open Its New Sports Precinct Soon

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St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School will have its new sports precinct by late 2019 or early 2020. This was announced by St Margaret’s principal Ros Curtis. Construction is set to begin after the end of Term 4.

Redevelopment in Support of Physical Education

Ms Curtis described the planned redevelopment to be the largest and most significant alteration to St Margaret’s school thus far. The transformation will cover almost a third of the 43,892 sqm campus which currently caters to Prep to Year 12 students.

“As educators, we recognise the value and importance of physical education, and the significant impact it has on student wellbeing,” principal Ros Curtis said.


“Our goal is to create an environment which best serves the health and well-being of our students, enhances the value of our outstanding and diverse sports program and adds to the depth and relevance of our curriculum,” Ms Curtis added.

Out With the Old, in With the New

The project is part of the property master plan that was developed in 2014 which will redevelop the northern end of the campus adjacent to the primary school, between Butler and Lapraik Streets. Phillip Harris Sports Centre will be demolished to give way to the construction of a new building.

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Artist impressions of views from Lapraik and Butler Streets

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Proposed Sports Precinct Masterplan

The new building will house the gymnasium, face, swimming pool with retractable roof, storage, showers, change rooms, and health and physical education classrooms. The existing tennis courts will be demolished as well. In its place will rise a new building with a ground floor basketball court and provision for retractable seating and floor space for gymnastics.

The existing swimming pool will also be demolished to give way for the construction of a new staff car park which can be accessed via Lapraik Street and Comus Avenue.

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St Margaret’s has always recognized the importance of a well-organized sports program and has been a proud supporter of sports especially women in sports. Some of its notable alumnae are Bronte Barratt, Emily Seebohm, Emma Jackson, Brittany Elmslie, and Sally Kehoe. St Margaret’s  is one of the three founding members of the Queensland Girl’s Secondary Schools Sports Association (QGSSSA).