Ascot Residents Demand Tougher Penalties Amidst Escalating Crime

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Residents and business owners in Ascot are calling for harsher penalties for offenders, in response to an escalating crime crisis. The community has reported a significant increase in overall criminal activities, with 441 offences recorded in the past year alone

Mark Hardingham, the owner of Tribe Coffee Co, detailed his struggles with repeated criminal incidents, including six break-ins and an armed holdup that severely traumatised one of his employees.


Despite investing in enhanced security measures such as upgraded cameras and duress alarms, the persistent threat remains a major concern for local enterprises. Mr Hardingham expressed frustration over the lenient repercussions for perpetrators, emphasising the urgent need for more stringent governmental actions to curb the crime rate.

Between 24 June 2023 to 23 June 2024, 441 offences involving unlawful entry and other theft incidents have been logged with the Queensland Police Services.

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Crime map in Ascot as youth crime incidents escalate
Photo Credit: QPS

Community Response and Security Measures

The surge in criminal activity has compelled the residents of Ascot to adopt their own security solutions, including private patrols throughout the neighbourhood. Despite these efforts, the sense of safety within the community remains compromised, as evidenced by the continued occurrence of break-ins and thefts in an area known for its high property values.

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Bev Smith, another resident of Ascot, shared her distressing experience of having her car stolen from her property. The incident left her feeling vulnerable and violated, a sentiment echoed by many in the community. Ms Smith criticised the current restorative justice approaches as inadequate and called for a more effective handling of repeat offenders.

Calls for Government Action

Both locas are advocating for more decisive action from state authorities to address what they describe as a youth crime crisis. The community’s plea highlights a growing dissatisfaction with the existing legal consequences, which they believe fail to adequately deter criminal behaviors among young offenders.

This situation in Ascot reflects broader concerns across Queensland regarding youth crime and the effectiveness of current judicial measures in safeguarding communities.