Construction Begins For Brisbane Racing Club’s Restored Ascot Park This February

Ten years ago, members of the Racecourse Precinct Neighbourhood Plan agreed that part of the Brisbane Racing Club (BRC) should be turned over to Ascot Park. In particular, the area that covers Lancaster Rd, Kitchener Rd, and McGill Ave, was supposed to be converted as a public park in a bid to create more green space for the residents.

Before the turnover, this triangle of land, surrounded by cement, dirt, patches of grass and scattered trees, served as a car park for members of the club. But in May 2018, the Brisbane City Council revealed plans for the park’s construction.


Work on the public park is expected to February until September 2019. Once completed, the park will have more accessible greenery. It will boast of the main park with tables and benches for families and kids, an outdoor gym and fitness corner, a fenced playground for the children, and an off-leash dog area.

Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council

Ascot Park has always part of the Eagle Farm racetrack facilities, which had been built in the 1860s. Hamilton Shire Council used to own and manage the park until it merged with the Brisbane City Council in the 1940s.

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During the war, General Douglas MacArthur used Ascot Park as a storage site and parking space for military vehicles. It remained a car park long after the military left and the Brisbane Racing Club took over.

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On days when there are no races, the park provided access to the locals but the development will allow for a better facility that the community shall be able to maximise.

According to Councillor David McLachlan (Hamilton), BRC submitted a master plan to redevelop the Eagle Farm estate. Originally, the club wanted to develop townhomes on this triangular area, which he opposed. The Brisbane City Council, however, approved the master plan after BRC agreed it will turn over the park to the community.

Photo Credit: David McLachlan

Following the release of the design for the park’s construction, BRC chairman Neville Bell commended the Council for a devising a “more appealing” area of the once vast and vacant parking lot.