Craft’d Grounds in Albion Wins Prestigious Architecture Award

Craft'd Grounds in Albion
Photo credit: Google Street View

Brisbane’s architectural landscape has been invigorated with the remarkable transformation of Craft’d Grounds in Albion, earning it the prestigious ‘John Dalton Award for Building of the Year’ at the Australian Institute of Architects regional awards. 

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The ceremony, held in Fortitude Valley in May 2023, recognised the conversion of an old warehouse into a bustling hub for food enthusiasts and lifestyle aficionados. Craft’d Grounds will now advance to the state finals which will be held in late June 2023, along with other noteworthy winners.


The building was designed by renowned architectural firm Conrad Gargett, known for their cutting-edge designs and visionary approach. 

Craft'd Grounds in Albion
Photo credit: Conrad Gargett

Developed in collaboration with Craft’d Grounds co-founder James Rennell, Conrad Gargett director John Flynn spearheaded the transformation, drawing inspiration from renowned cultural enclaves such as Melbourne’s vibrant laneways, laid-back strips of Byron Bay, and the iconic Grounds of Alexandria. 

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The design also showcases a unique ‘Made in Brisbane’ essence, incorporating raw industrial elements and rustic architectural features.

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“The architectural design is a sustainable exemplar for building reuse, reflecting the ethos of its owner and considering financial viability. The existing significant steel portal framed structure with its distinctive sawtooth roofscape is retained, whilst many of the intrusive later additions that were incrementally added over time, have been removed with layers carefully peeled back to reveal the industrial story of the building beneath,” Conrad Gargett said in its website.

The judges at the Australian Institute of Architects were captivated by the building’s ability to revitalise the light industrial inner-city suburb where it stands. They applauded the robust design, which enabled the building to house a diverse range of businesses, thus underscoring its commercial success.

Craft'd Grounds in Albion
Photo credit: Conrad Gargett

The converted warehouse has quickly become a thriving destination, attracting locals and visitors alike with its vibrant atmosphere and diverse offerings. 

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Craft’d Grounds in Albion has successfully melded the old and the new, breathing new life into the neighbourhood and elevating it to new heights. This recognition by the Australian Institute of Architects serves as a testament to the project’s visionary design and its significant impact on the community.

Published 9-June-2023