Heritage Listing of Sections of the Eagle Farm Racecourse Lifted

Photo credit: Brisbane Racing Club/Facebook

Heritage listing of portions of the historic Eagle Farm Racecourse has already been lifted to give way to future works on the $1.2 billion master plan for the site.

The Brisbane Racing Club (BRC) previously applied to delist a small section of the heritage-listed Eagle Farm racecourse land from the Queensland Heritage Register. Lifting the heritage listing on these sections will make it possible for works on the BRC’s master plan expansion to move forward.

The delisting involved the four lots on the south-east section of the Eagle Farm race track near the Gallopers Sports Club and around to front Nudgee Road. The delisted area of the Eagle Farm racecourse is now the site of the Racecourse Village with the full-line Woolworths supermarket, specialty shops and restaurants.


Racecourse Village Aerial Footage July 2018

Video credit: Brisbane Racing Club/YouTube

Whilst a majority of the area including the racetrack, front gates, and the grandstand remains heritage-listed, community organization Brisbane Residents United felt dismayed over the decision to delist sections of the historic site.

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BRU president Elizabeth Handley expressed her concern at how the city is losing its heritage sites and heritage buildings. BRC, on the other hand, said that they are keen on keeping the heritage listing of vast majority of the racecourse. Delisting portions of the site will make assessment on future developments and changes to the master plan easier.

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The $40 million Racecourse Village Shopping Centre is part of the BRC master plan. The Racecourse Village features what is considered to be the most modern Woolworths supermarket in Australia. There are also 12 specialty outlets located on the ground floor with six tenancies on the first floor. The site also features a mixture of dining destinations and services, $700,000 of solar panels, and high-level brick and tile finishes.