Eagle Farm-based Luxxbox: Award-winning Product and Prestigious Clients

Photo credit: Luxxbox/Google Maps

Eagle Farm-based boutique lighting manufacturer Luxxbox has emerged stronger than ever despite pandemic challenges, landing a prestigious award for its pendant lighting product and flexing its prestigious client list that includes Amazon, Ford, Pfizer, and Doordash.

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Jason Bird, an industrial designer, founded the business in 2006 in Fortitude Valley, with a vision of designing and manufacturing furniture, lighting and objects for both commercial and domestic use. In 2016, Bird and his team established an office and a factory in Eagle Farm. 


Jason Bird (Photo credit: luxxbox.com)

However, when the pandemic began, Luxxbox was forced to ditch their furniture line and focus on acoustic lighting. 

Acoustic lighting is an innovative lighting solution that  combines a lighting source with sound-absorbing materials, to provide a luminaire that helps reduce unwanted noise in a space. It’s commonly used in offices, meeting rooms, and shared workspaces.

Jason Bird (Photo credit: Luxxbox/Google Maps)

Running a business during the “worst of times” comes with many stumbling blocks, but Bird and his team still consider themselves lucky because in Queensland, manufacturing industries did not shut down, unlike in other states.

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Award-winning Product

Photo credit: Luxxbox/Facebook

Shifting their concentration in their acoustic lighting products ended up like a blessing in disguise, because Hemii, one of their products, won the prestigious Architizer 2022 A+ award in the pendant lighting category, beating hundreds of entries from around the world.

Hemii is a large dome acoustic pendant made from durable acoustic PET and premium wool fabrics. It’s ideal for expansive spaces such as commercial areas and open-offices.

The product has been recognised by Architizer for its game-changing design, its versatility, being environmentally friendly, and being more efficient than single-purpose solutions available on the market.

“The pendant is beautiful and versatile, and its dual-purpose nature makes it inherently more efficient than other lighting fixtures,” Architizer said.

Along with the international recognition for Hemii, Luxxbox has other reasons to celebrate. Its growing client list includes heavyweights Amazon, Ford, Pfizer, and Doordash. Demand has grown to a point where in order to serve its growing market in North America, the company has also opened a new factory in California.

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Around 80 percent of Luxxbox’s revenue comes from the US market. They currently employ around 35 people for the new factory in California, in addition to 35 people they already have in Brisbane.

Despite having many clients overseas, the brand will continue manufacturing from their facility off Kingsford Smith Drive in Eagle Farm.