Dreamfarm: Unique Kitchenware Company in Albion Reaping Sales

From its small beginnings as a backyard business, trendy kitchenware online store Dreamfarm, with its warehouse in Albion, has ballooned into a multi-million company with heaps of well-designed and useful kitchen products. 

Founder Alexander Gransbury said that they are on track to reap strong sales for 2021 after a worrying few months at the start of the pandemic when sales dipped to 22 percent. However, things picked up within two months as other stores had problems with their international supply chain.

Dreamfarm’s sales grew to 60 percent in Australia by the end of 2020 and 30 percent in the U.S. as their products became popular on social media. In anticipation of the growth, the company has hired two new designers who will create more innovative kitchen items that are sure to become a hit with consumers in Australia and the United States.

Gransbury sees the move to bring in more talented minds as a worthy investment as Dreamfarm’s unique and creatively designed products have set them apart from the competition, who are still selling the same kitchen and homeware items. Indeed, there’s nothing quite like the store’s most popular products.

The Ortwo (pictured above), described as an “ultra-sharp ceramic grinder is fully adjustable with 6 settings from super fine to coarse, will never corrode or rust and is perfect for all spices,” can be conveniently used with just one hand.

The Clongs are “click-lock tongs that have a clever bend in their handles to sit them up off your kitchen bench when you put them down, just like a built-in spoon rest.” 

Photo Credit: Facebook

The Chopula is “a spatula that’s thin and flexible for flipping from the front, but also incredibly strong for chopping on its side” — perfect for burgers, pancakes, or separating eggs from the pan. 

Photo Credit: Facebook

Gransbury started his business in 2003 whilst he was still based in Canberra and then moved the company’s operation in Albion in 2008, when Dreamfarm had 40 products. Aside from the online store, Myers and Bloomingdales also carry a selection of Dreamfarm award-winning items, as recognised by the Good Design Award.

“We’re proud to be a company that has grown from a backyard shed by creating original products and always doing our own design work. That’s not a big deal to everyone, but it’s everything to us,” the company’s founder and managing director said. “Every millimetre of our designs exists for a reason, so if you ever wonder about anything, please just ask! The only thing we’re crazier about than our products is our customers and making sure you’re super stoked.”

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