New 5-Stage Development Planned for Lamington Ave in Ascot

Lamington Avenue may soon have rows of low- to medium-density townhouses in neatly arranged and organised clusters, to be delivered in five project stages based on an updated development proposal.

Promoted as the “postcode-perfect address” within the blue-chip suburb, Ascot Aurora‘s 219 standard lots will be developed in five stages, to streamline both construction and occupation of the dwellings, with specific approval conditions for each stage. 

The first stage of the development, which is already underway, will include the delivery of 47 townhouses, as well as the residents’ social and recreational facilities, the public park, and car parking spaces.

More housing, both attached and detached, as well as parking spaces for cars and bikes will continue for Stages 2 to 5, with the final stage allowing for the construction of a four-storey apartment building.

Photo Credit: Developmenti/BCC
Photo Credit: Developmenti/BCC
Photo Credit: Developmenti/BCC

“The proposed staging includes the apartment complex and 219 standard lots ranging from 76m2 –248m2 as well as the required common property being the road infrastructure, pocket parks, visitor car parks, residential facility, a community garden that form part of the approval,” the developer stated via DA A005844654

The location offers residents fluid indoor/outdoor spaces that take advantage of natural light, comforting breezes, and stunning views. Here, residents could enjoy building their connections with their neighbours. 

“Homeowners will relish the convenience and conviviality of this popular precinct, quickly realising that every whim, appetite and coffee craving can be satiated with a stroll along Racecourse Road. Hamilton Harbour and Portside Wharf precincts are also within walking distance, providing close, connected hubs to stock up on groceries and catch up with friends.”

Photo Credit: Poly/Ascot Aurora