Tee Off, Sip Craft Brews: Landers Pocket to Offer Unique Brisbane Experience

Landers Pocket
Artist’s impression of Landers Pocket (Photo credit: Golf Central BNE/Facebook)

In early 2025, the Skygate shopping mall at the Brisbane Airport will welcome Landers Pocket, a groundbreaking sports and entertainment venue that promises to redefine leisure in Queensland. 

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Landers Pocket, situated near DFO, is poised to become a one-stop destination for diverse recreational activities, all under a single expansive roof.


This mammoth complex will feature an impressive array of attractions, including:

  • A craft brewery and distillery
  • Golf driving bays with cutting-edge ball tracking technology
  • Mini golf course
  • Beer garden
  • Padel tennis courts
  • Outdoor amphitheatre
Landers Pocket
Green Beacon Brewing Company (Photo credit: Golf Central BNE/Facebook)

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The project brings together two powerhouses in their respective fields. Green Beacon Brewing Company, known for its award-winning craft beers, will oversee the brewery and distillery operations. Meanwhile, Golf Central will manage the golfing facilities, building on their reputation for innovation in the sport.

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Landers Pocket
Gold Central (Photo credit: Golf Central BNE/Facebook)

Richard Shrosbery, General Manager of Green Beacon Brewing Company, expressed his enthusiasm for the project: “This announcement is unbelievably exciting for Green Beacon. The new brewery and hospitality venue will ensure we get our award-winning beers into the hands of more beer lovers than ever before.”

The venue is set to become a significant employer in the area, creating numerous job opportunities. 

“We want to bring people together to connect, talk, laugh and have fun – and we believe this new precinct will enable that,” Mr Shrosbery said.

On the golfing front, James Cooper, Managing Director at Golf Central, highlighted the venue’s potential to attract a wide range of visitors: “Landers Pocket will deliver a re-imagined golf and entertainment experience to our local, interstate, and international golfers. There will be something for everyone.”

The existing golf driving range will double in size, featuring ball tracking technology in every bay. This expansion, coupled with the diverse offerings, positions Landers Pocket as a key sport and recreation venue for Brisbane, which is currently preparing to host the Olympics.

With its 800-person capacity hospitality area and unique blend of activities, Landers Pocket is expected to draw thousands of visitors each week. 

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The venue represents a significant step forward in Brisbane’s entertainment landscape, offering a multifaceted experience that caters to various interests and age groups.

Published 5-July-2024