Albion Mourns the Loss of ‘Loveable Rogue’ Danny Carr


The Albion community came together to honour Danny Carr, a cherished grandfather who tragically perished in a suspicious fire.

Family, friends, and former coworkers paid tribute to the 67-year-old on Friday, 5 July 2024, during an emotional service at Mount Gravatt Cemetery. He was known for his kind nature and unfiltered humour.


Emergency services responded to a fire at a small apartment complex on Amelia Street, Albion, around 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, 13 June. Carr was discovered deceased in his living room, while Jasmin Boyd, 33, managed to escape the blaze and collapsed on the street.

Photo Credit: Swanborough Funerals

Boyd, identified as Carr’s carer and friend, was later hospitalised in the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital’s burns unit. She remained in critical but stable condition for several days before being released.

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Peter McCarthy, the funeral celebrant, highlighted Carr’s life and character. McCarthy described Carr as a “loveable rogue” who had a unique bond with his grandchildren and was always willing to lend a helping hand. Carr’s straightforward nature and penchant for storytelling were also remembered fondly.

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Photo Credit: Swanborough Funerals

Clint, a close friend of Carr, recounted the significant impact Carr had on his life since he was 18. Known as “Wheels” during his youth, Carr left school in Year 10 to pursue a career as a diesel mechanic, a profession he passionately followed until health issues forced him into retirement. Despite being legally blind due to an eye stroke 15 years ago, Carr remained active and involved in his family’s lives.

Carr’s passing leaves a void in the lives of his mother Val, his three children Belinda, Shontelle, and Jay, his eight grandchildren, and his great-grandchild, Storm. The service was a poignant reminder of the joy and support he brought to those around him, encapsulating the sentiment that “Danny did it his way until the very end.”

Photo Credit: Swanborough Funerals

Boyd’s absence from the funeral was notable, but there is no implication of wrongdoing on her part. The Queensland Police have declared the unit a crime scene and are continuing their investigation into the origin and cause of the fire. Shontelle Robinson, Carr’s daughter, expressed frustration at the lack of answers three weeks after the incident, clarifying that media reports of her father being wheelchair-bound were incorrect. Instead, he used a walking stick to aid his mobility.

The community of Albion remains in mourning, united in their memories of Danny Carr, a man who will be dearly missed for his robust personality and enduring kindness. As investigations continue, the legacy of this “loveable rogue” lives on through the stories and affection of those who knew him best.

Published Date 10-July-2024