QCAT Rules in Longstanding Albion Tree Dispute

A long-standing disagreement between neighbours in Albion has been resolved by the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT). The dispute, which lasted eight years, centred around several eucalyptus trees growing on one property that were reportedly impacting the adjacent residence.

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Last month, QCAT issued a 13-page decision rejecting an application by the owners of a home on Marne Road. The couple had sought to compel their neighbour from Stoneleigh Street to trim or remove branches from nine eucalyptus trees to a height of 3.5 metres.

The tribunal heard that the Marne Road residents have lived at their property since at least 1995, while Stoneleigh Street resident has occupied his home since 2003. The properties share a common boundary at the rear of the Marne Road yard.

Photo credit: Google Street View

In their submission, the Marne Road owners claimed there were up to 20 eucalyptus trees as tall as 15 metres on their neighbour’s property. However, the neighbour disputed this assertion, stating the trees were not as numerous or as tall as alleged.

The decision noted that the Marne Road property had been renovated and expanded at the rear in 2013/2014, with an upper deck added in 2020. The owners argued that the trees were obstructing their view, which they claimed to have enjoyed before the trees were planted.

The Stoneleigh Street resident, in his response to the tribunal, highlighted a previous compromise. He explained that in 2016, he had agreed to remove a very tall gum tree as an act of goodwill. He indicated that this decision was made when his neighbour had allegedly threatened to enter his property and cut all of his trees to a height of 2.5 metres. 

Photo credit: Google Street View

The resident went on to clarify that the tree in question was removed for safety reasons, and he asserted that no other large eucalyptus trees prone to dropping branches remained on his property.

On the other hand, the applicants asserted that they had attempted to resolve the dispute amicably since April 2016 through various communications and offers to maintain the trees at their own expense. However, they reported that these efforts were met with constant arguments and refusals to acknowledge responsibility.

Before submitting an application to QCAT for resolving a tree dispute, parties are required to attempt informal resolution; however, if issues remain unresolved, QCAT can help settle neighbourhood tree disputes by making legally enforceable decisions, and may appoint a tree assessor to conduct an on-site evaluation with both neighbours.

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Despite the lengthy history of the dispute, the tribunal ultimately ruled against the Marne Road residents’ application to force the trimming of their neighbour’s trees.

Published 10-July-2024

Albion Mourns the Loss of ‘Loveable Rogue’ Danny Carr

The Albion community came together to honour Danny Carr, a cherished grandfather who tragically perished in a suspicious fire.

Family, friends, and former coworkers paid tribute to the 67-year-old on Friday, 5 July 2024, during an emotional service at Mount Gravatt Cemetery. He was known for his kind nature and unfiltered humour.

Emergency services responded to a fire at a small apartment complex on Amelia Street, Albion, around 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, 13 June. Carr was discovered deceased in his living room, while Jasmin Boyd, 33, managed to escape the blaze and collapsed on the street.

Photo Credit: Swanborough Funerals

Boyd, identified as Carr’s carer and friend, was later hospitalised in the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital’s burns unit. She remained in critical but stable condition for several days before being released.

Peter McCarthy, the funeral celebrant, highlighted Carr’s life and character. McCarthy described Carr as a “loveable rogue” who had a unique bond with his grandchildren and was always willing to lend a helping hand. Carr’s straightforward nature and penchant for storytelling were also remembered fondly.

Photo Credit: Swanborough Funerals

Clint, a close friend of Carr, recounted the significant impact Carr had on his life since he was 18. Known as “Wheels” during his youth, Carr left school in Year 10 to pursue a career as a diesel mechanic, a profession he passionately followed until health issues forced him into retirement. Despite being legally blind due to an eye stroke 15 years ago, Carr remained active and involved in his family’s lives.

Carr’s passing leaves a void in the lives of his mother Val, his three children Belinda, Shontelle, and Jay, his eight grandchildren, and his great-grandchild, Storm. The service was a poignant reminder of the joy and support he brought to those around him, encapsulating the sentiment that “Danny did it his way until the very end.”

Photo Credit: Swanborough Funerals

Boyd’s absence from the funeral was notable, but there is no implication of wrongdoing on her part. The Queensland Police have declared the unit a crime scene and are continuing their investigation into the origin and cause of the fire. Shontelle Robinson, Carr’s daughter, expressed frustration at the lack of answers three weeks after the incident, clarifying that media reports of her father being wheelchair-bound were incorrect. Instead, he used a walking stick to aid his mobility.

The community of Albion remains in mourning, united in their memories of Danny Carr, a man who will be dearly missed for his robust personality and enduring kindness. As investigations continue, the legacy of this “loveable rogue” lives on through the stories and affection of those who knew him best.

Published Date 10-July-2024

Tee Off, Sip Craft Brews: Landers Pocket to Offer Unique Brisbane Experience

In early 2025, the Skygate shopping mall at the Brisbane Airport will welcome Landers Pocket, a groundbreaking sports and entertainment venue that promises to redefine leisure in Queensland. 

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Landers Pocket, situated near DFO, is poised to become a one-stop destination for diverse recreational activities, all under a single expansive roof.

This mammoth complex will feature an impressive array of attractions, including:

  • A craft brewery and distillery
  • Golf driving bays with cutting-edge ball tracking technology
  • Mini golf course
  • Beer garden
  • Padel tennis courts
  • Outdoor amphitheatre
Landers Pocket
Green Beacon Brewing Company (Photo credit: Golf Central BNE/Facebook)

The project brings together two powerhouses in their respective fields. Green Beacon Brewing Company, known for its award-winning craft beers, will oversee the brewery and distillery operations. Meanwhile, Golf Central will manage the golfing facilities, building on their reputation for innovation in the sport.

Landers Pocket
Gold Central (Photo credit: Golf Central BNE/Facebook)

Richard Shrosbery, General Manager of Green Beacon Brewing Company, expressed his enthusiasm for the project: “This announcement is unbelievably exciting for Green Beacon. The new brewery and hospitality venue will ensure we get our award-winning beers into the hands of more beer lovers than ever before.”

The venue is set to become a significant employer in the area, creating numerous job opportunities. 

“We want to bring people together to connect, talk, laugh and have fun – and we believe this new precinct will enable that,” Mr Shrosbery said.

On the golfing front, James Cooper, Managing Director at Golf Central, highlighted the venue’s potential to attract a wide range of visitors: “Landers Pocket will deliver a re-imagined golf and entertainment experience to our local, interstate, and international golfers. There will be something for everyone.”

The existing golf driving range will double in size, featuring ball tracking technology in every bay. This expansion, coupled with the diverse offerings, positions Landers Pocket as a key sport and recreation venue for Brisbane, which is currently preparing to host the Olympics.

With its 800-person capacity hospitality area and unique blend of activities, Landers Pocket is expected to draw thousands of visitors each week. 

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The venue represents a significant step forward in Brisbane’s entertainment landscape, offering a multifaceted experience that caters to various interests and age groups.

Published 5-July-2024

Ascot Swarmed by Police in Operation Whiskey Legion Crackdown

Ascot is currently experiencing a surge in police presence as Operation Whiskey Legion (OWL) descends for a 10-day deployment.

This intensive operation, which started June 19 and has proven successful in six other Queensland districts since its launch in April, involves various specialised units working alongside local police to tackle high-risk crime and repeat offenders.

Acting Assistant Commissioner Denzil Clark from the Crime and Intelligence Command highlighted the operation’s effectiveness, stating that it has led to over 1,380 adult arrests and over 3,126 charges in the past three months. The increased police capacity has also allowed officers to provide support to more than 2,606 victims of crime.

OWL’s multi-faceted approach involves specialist police from Highway Patrol, Railway Squad, Water Police, Dog Squad, and Crime Prevention units collaborating with frontline officers to prevent crime and apprehend serious offenders. 

The operation’s focus in Ascot will address specific local issues, such as public safety at transport hubs and shopping centres, motor vehicle theft, home invasions, domestic violence breaches, and targeted investigations of high-risk individuals.

Brisbane Region Assistant Commissioner Ben Marcus emphasised that the additional resources provided by OWL will bolster local enforcement capabilities, ultimately reducing crime and improving community safety. He detailed the plan to rapidly deploy specialised units to identify hot spots, utilising resources across the Queensland Police Service.

Acting Chief Superintendent Simon Tayler of the North Brisbane Police District called upon the community to actively participate in the operation, encouraging residents to be extra vigilant and report any suspicious activity promptly. He stressed the importance of securing homes and vehicles, making it more difficult for thieves to operate in the area.

With the successful track record of Operation Whiskey Legion in other districts, authorities are optimistic about the positive impact it will have in Ascot over the next ten days.

Published Date 24-June-2024

Ascot Residents Demand Tougher Penalties Amidst Escalating Crime

Residents and business owners in Ascot are calling for harsher penalties for offenders, in response to an escalating crime crisis. The community has reported a significant increase in overall criminal activities, with 441 offences recorded in the past year alone

Mark Hardingham, the owner of Tribe Coffee Co, detailed his struggles with repeated criminal incidents, including six break-ins and an armed holdup that severely traumatised one of his employees.

Despite investing in enhanced security measures such as upgraded cameras and duress alarms, the persistent threat remains a major concern for local enterprises. Mr Hardingham expressed frustration over the lenient repercussions for perpetrators, emphasising the urgent need for more stringent governmental actions to curb the crime rate.

Between 24 June 2023 to 23 June 2024, 441 offences involving unlawful entry and other theft incidents have been logged with the Queensland Police Services.

Crime map in Ascot as youth crime incidents escalate
Photo Credit: QPS

Community Response and Security Measures

The surge in criminal activity has compelled the residents of Ascot to adopt their own security solutions, including private patrols throughout the neighbourhood. Despite these efforts, the sense of safety within the community remains compromised, as evidenced by the continued occurrence of break-ins and thefts in an area known for its high property values.

Bev Smith, another resident of Ascot, shared her distressing experience of having her car stolen from her property. The incident left her feeling vulnerable and violated, a sentiment echoed by many in the community. Ms Smith criticised the current restorative justice approaches as inadequate and called for a more effective handling of repeat offenders.

Calls for Government Action

Both locas are advocating for more decisive action from state authorities to address what they describe as a youth crime crisis. The community’s plea highlights a growing dissatisfaction with the existing legal consequences, which they believe fail to adequately deter criminal behaviors among young offenders.

This situation in Ascot reflects broader concerns across Queensland regarding youth crime and the effectiveness of current judicial measures in safeguarding communities.

No Fluke That Flook Joins The Wallabies Squad

Brothers Rugby and Qld Reds star, Josh Flook has been named in a 38-man training squad, in the build-up to 3 test matches against Wales and Georgia on 3 consecutive Saturdays in July.

It is Coach Joe Schmidt’s first Wallabies squad, which bodes well for Flook and the other 10 uncapped players, as it means he has caught the legendary Coach’s eye.

Schmidt coached Ireland through a tremendous period of domination in the Northern Hemisphere which left them ranked #1 in the world on his departure, and was widely credited as a major influence in 2022 as the All Blacks attack coach.

Josh Fluke graduated from St Joseph’s College, Nudgee with a GPS Championship under his belt. He then went onto captain the Australian Schools and Under 18s, then in 2019 he was named the Queensland Under-19s Player of the Year.

His career trajectory continued when he was named in the Reds Super Rugby team for round 1 of the 2020 season, making is debut as a replacement in round 2. A year later in 2021 his crucial late try against the Brumbies was responsible for a home grand final, the first for the club since their 2011 championship win against the Crusaders.

The outside centre will be hoping to get a run in the Rugby Championship opener at Suncorp against the ‘Boks that follows the July Internationals.

Brothers have a prolific record of producing future top level players which equalled a new record in 2022 when 10 players from the Reds Super Rugby Squad had played for the Brothers, including Flook along with
Matt Faessler, Harry Wilson, Fraser McReight, James O’Connor, Hamish Stewart, Josh Flook, Harry Hoopert, Taniela Tupou, Ryan Smith and Lawson Creighton.

Brothers Rugby

Published 22-June-2024

Bernborough Ascot, Retirement Village Takes Shape

Bernborough Ascot, a new high-rise retirement living development is taking shape in as part of a large-scale renewal project transforming the city’s Doomben and Eagle Farm racecourse precincts.

Photo Credit: Keyton

The $270 million complex by retirement village operator Keyton has reached a construction milestone with the topping out of its second building called Poinciana House. The 53-apartment tower is set for completion in early 2025.

Photo Credit: Keyton

Bernborough Ascot claims to be the nation’s first vertical retirement community integrated within a racecourse precinct. Its first stage, the sold-out Fig Tree House, has already opened.

While pioneering the high-rise retirement living concept in Brisbane, the development is also garnering attention for its green credentials as one of the first in Australia to achieve a 6-Star Green Star sustainability rating.

Photo Credit: Keyton

Nathan Cockerill, Keyton’s CEO, says the project aims to create “connected, diverse retirement communities” with an emphasis on amenities that promote resident wellbeing and social engagement.

Photo Credit: Keyton

In addition to stylishly appointed independent living apartments, Poinciana House will feature resort-style facilities like a rooftop terrace, restaurant, outdoor entertaining areas, pool, gym and allied health consulting rooms.

Photo Credit: Keyton

The development forms part of the $1.5 billion Brisbane Racing Club master plan to revitalise the Doomben and Eagle Farm racing precinct into a mixed-use destination with residential, commercial and recreational elements.

For the established Ascot neighbourhood, the arrival of a new cohort of over-55s residents could spur demand for more age-friendly infrastructure and services while adding density to the inner-city suburb.

With Australia’s senior population continuing to grow, retirement operators are exploring innovative housing models like vertical villages to meet the changing needs and lifestyle expectations of this demographic.

Published 16-June-2024

Albion Bakery Brewbakers to Close Amidst Skills Shortage and Rising Costs

Brewbakers, the beloved sourdough haven that has warmed the hearts and kitchens of Ascot for three decades, is set to bid a bittersweet farewell.

Photo Credit: Brewbakers

The family-run bakery, known for its handcrafted bread, pastries, and cakes, has been a cherished part of the community, filling homes with the comforting aroma of freshly baked goodness and creating countless shared moments of joy around the table.

Owners Richard and Caroline Cotton, who founded the bakery in 1992, have cited a critical skill shortage and narrow profit margins as the reasons behind the difficult decision.

This closure marks the latest in a string of bakery departures from Brisbane’s culinary landscape, including the recent winding down of several establishments under BCN Events Group. Brewbakers, known for its dedication to sourcing local organic flour from Kialla Mills and its unwavering commitment to artisanal techniques, has long been a cherished institution along Sandgate Road in Albion.

Photo Credit: Brewbakers
Photo Credit: Brewbakers

In 2019, the bakery made headlines with its innovative sourdough hot cross buns, a testament to its passion for pushing the boundaries of traditional baking. Richard Cotton’s journey into baking began serendipitously in 1990 when he stepped in to help a short-staffed bakery and discovered a lifelong love for the craft.

However, rising costs have increasingly squeezed the bakery’s profitability, making it challenging to sustain operations. Caroline Cotton emphasised the impact of a competitive market, with the emergence of several new bakeries in recent years exacerbating the difficulty of securing skilled bakers.

Photo Credit: Brewbakers

A steady stream of loyal customers has continued to frequent the artisan bakery, expressing their sadness and appreciation for the Cottons’ dedication to quality and community. The owners have been transparent with patrons about their inability to renew the lease and the upcoming closure on 15th of June.

Photo Credit: Brewbakers

The announcement has sparked an outpouring of emotions, with many customers sharing stories of cherished memories and a deep connection to the bakery. Some have been patrons since childhood, highlighting the enduring impact of Brewbakers on the local community.

Published Date 04-June-2024

Ascot to Host Additional Cirque du Soleil Shows as Queensland Embraces ‘LUZIA’

Brisbane’s love affair with Cirque du Soleil continues as the world-renowned entertainment company adds seven more shows to its critically acclaimed production, LUZIA, set to premiere in Ascot on 25th of September.

LUZIA by Cirque Du Soleil
Photo Credit: Nicole Cleary

The announcement comes in response to overwhelming demand, further solidifying Queensland’s status as a dedicated Cirque du Soleil fanbase since the company’s Australian debut in 1999.

LUZIA, Cirque du Soleil’s 38th original production, will take up residence under the iconic Big Top next to the Royal Queensland Golf Club, off Curtin Ave East. The newly added performances, scheduled from November 6th to 11th, are expected to draw both seasoned Cirque du Soleil enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Adding to the local excitement, Queenslander Helena Merten will star in LUZIA, fulfilling a childhood dream sparked when she first saw Cirque du Soleil’s QUIDAM in Brisbane.

“I’ve dreamt of this since I was seven years old,” Merten said, expressing her eagerness to perform for her hometown crowd.

Written and directed by Daniele Finzi Pasca, LUZIA invites audiences into a dreamlike, imaginary Mexico where light (“luz” in Spanish) and rain (“lluvia”) intertwine. The production promises a surreal journey through a vibrant world filled with wonder, playfulness, and striking artistry.

LUZIA by Cirque Du Soleil
Photo Credit: LUZIA by Cirque Du Soleil

LUZIA is notable for its groundbreaking incorporation of rain into acrobatic and artistic scenes, a first for a Cirque du Soleil touring production. From Cyr Wheel artists performing under rainfall to an aerialist soaring through showers, LUZIA pushes the boundaries of traditional circus disciplines.

“Queensland has always been a huge fanbase for Cirque du Soleil,” said Yannick Spierkel, LUZIA Senior Tour Director, highlighting the 25-year anniversary of Cirque du Soleil’s presence in Australia.

Published Date 28-May-2024

Elegance, Excitement, and Indulgence Unite at XXXX Doomben Cup Day

Experience the thrill of world-class racing and luxurious hospitality at the XXXX Doomben Cup Day of the Brisbane Racing Club in Ascot.

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This iconic event, to be held at the prestigious Doomben Racecourse, features the $1 million Group 1 XXXX Doomben Cup, a prestigious weight-for-age contest over 2,000 metres. 

Last year, the Snowden-trained import Huetor etched its name in history, becoming only the fourth horse to claim multiple victories in this coveted race since its inception in 1933.

Doomben Cup
Photo credit: Brisbane Racing Club/Facebook

In addition to the main event, the action-packed program includes three other prestigious Group races: the Group 2 ANZ Bloodstock News The Roses, Group 3 Magic Millions Mile, and Group 3 Ladbrokes BRC Sprint, ensuring a day filled with world-class racing and excitement.

Photo credit: Brisbane Racing Club/Facebook

Immerse yourself in the Ascot experience with a range of exclusive hospitality packages, offering the best in trackside amenities, gourmet cuisine, premium beverages, and live entertainment. Embrace the tradition of contemporary racing style, and dress to impress in smart and sophisticated attire befitting the Members Reserve at Doomben Racecourse.

Secure your place at the XXXX Doomben Cup Day by purchasing tickets through the Brisbane Racing Club’s website. Explore the various hospitality packages on offer and select the one that best suits your preferences for an exceptional trackside experience. Get ready to immerse yourself in the excitement of world-class racing and the glamour of Ascot at the iconic XXXX Doomben Cup Day.

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Mark your calendars for Saturday, 25 May 2024, and join Brisbane Racing Club for an unforgettable day of racing, elegance, and indulgence at the XXXX Doomben Cup Day.

Published 15-May-2024