Upscale Coles Local with Mochi & Macaron Bar Opens in Ascot

Coles Local has unveiled a new format in Ascot by becoming the first upscale and fancy Queensland outlet to have its very own mochi and macaron bar.

The grocery shopping experience has accelerated at Coles Local Ascot, where customers can easily pick and mix from a self-service freezer filled with Japanese mochi ice cream and French meringue-based macaron cookies, and then pay for their sweet treats at the counter. 

A few steps from the bar is a self-service coffee station, where shoppers can buy high-quality brews from DC Specialty Coffee Roasters. A Scoop & Weigh bar has also been laid out for pet parents looking for carefully curated dog treats. 

Photo Credit: Nick Samiric/Google Maps

The refurbished supermarket, located at the corner of Racecourse Road and Dobson Street, is one of three Coles Local stores across the country to undergo a major innovation in 2021 to escalate its product selections. 

Like Coles Local York Street in Sydney and Coles Local Fitzroy in Melbourne, the Ascot outlet’s choices have been specifically tailored for the locals. Aside from the mochi and macaron bar, Brisbane shoppers will be able to shop for these upscale and in-demand goodies in one location:

Photo Credit: Nick Samiric/Google Maps

According to Coles’ Chief of Sustainability, Property and Export Officer, Thinus Keevé, they have been experimenting with this concept since 2018 at a handful of outlets in Melbourne and it always generated positive feedback. 

Photo Credit: Nick Samiric/Google Maps

Coles Local Ascot has about 40 percent of premium products that you won’t find at a regular Coles.